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A Lawyers job is to advocate for the clients position, but very rarely are they trained in the area of accounting and finance

With most civil and many personal litigation criminal cases involving money or finances lawyers rely on experts to advise and quantify for their clients assets, liabilities, and the monetary impact involved in their case. Here at Costabile & Steffens P.C., we provide the peace of mind to attorneys and their clients that the facts available are reviewed and presented.

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Costabile & Steffens P.C. is a Certified Public Accountant firm that started providing
audit/bookkeeping services and tax planning in 1978.

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Personal & Individual Tax Solutions

We take a proactive approach in assisting our individual clients with their tax and financial services by understanding their specific life events. We help customers take action to meet their goals.

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Trusted Tax Solutions with a Personal Touch

Our accounting firm has been delivering excellence in customer service to our clients for over 40 years. Our focus is to provide consistent quality service to every client, with a personal touch.  We are the trusted tax personal litigation advisor that helps each client achieve goals for small to mid sized businesses and personal needs.